Aryeh Lightstone¬†–¬†Chief of Staff, American Embassy

Aryeh Lightstone is the Senior Advisor to David Friedman, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Prior to joining the State Department, Lightstone has worked as an educator, management professional, entrepreneur, and issue advocate. A native of Denver, Colorado, he completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Yeshiva University, where he excelled in finance, management, biblical studies and political science with an emphasis on the Middle East.

A successful entrepreneur, Lightstone has founded and co-founded numerous business endeavors in education technology, infrastructure, and real estate. In addition to his work with for-profit entities, Lightstone has served at the executive and management level at several not-for-profit organizations. Finally, he was instrumental in the creation and mission implementation of several prominent advocacy organizations, focused on U.S.-Israel relations and National Security.

In addition to being a prolific not-for-profit and political fundraiser, Lightstone has developed a proven track record as a turn-around expert for not-for-profit organizations, and advisor on social corporate responsibility issues. His specific areas of expertise are in funding, management and revenue generation. He is married to Estee Lightstone, an educator and education technologist, and is the proud father of four children.