Prof. Marcelle Machluf – Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Prof. Marcelle Machluf received her PhD in Biotechnology from Ben-Gurion University, after which she went on to complete a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Since joining the Technion in 2001, Machluf’s research focused on the bioengineering of drug and gene delivery systems for cancer therapy. Her lab is also engaged in developing scaffold platforms for tissue engineering of the heart, blood vessels and pancreas.

In 2017 Machluf was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology & Food Engineering. She is also the Deputy Executive Vice President for Research for the Pre-Clinical Research Authority and the Heado of the Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Program at the Technion.

Prof. Machluf  has published more than 80 papers and chapters in books and has 6 patents in National Phase and 2 international approved patents in the field of drug delivery and tissue engineering.   Her papers have appeared in leading generalized and specialized journals including Nature Biotechnology, Nano Letters, and Blood, and have been cited over 3,200 times, awarding her an h-index of 26 (Google Scholar).

She was chosen to light one of the 12 torches at Israel’s 70th Independence anniversary ceremony on Mount Herzl. Recently Lady Globes Magazine selected her as Women of the Year (2018).