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About the WIZO Aviv Young Leadership Mission 2018

For the first time ever, this year the Mission will be based in Jerusalem in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Israeli Independence. Participants will gather in Jerusalem from around the world from all over the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Finland, Panama and more for 5 days filled with opportunities to deepen their connection to Israel and WIZO’s ideology.

The participants will share a meaningful Shabbat in Jerusalem and visit the Kotel, providing a special time for the development of lasting bonds between the Aviv women and the creation of lasting connections which  drawn upon in the participant’s future WIZO work. Professional workshops in fundraising and advocacy are integral to the Mission and of course, interactive visits to WIZO projects forms the core of the Mission.

Participants will think, share, learn and work together before returning to their home Federations to continue supporting WIZO’s vital work.

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