Bruce & Ruth Rappaport Day Care Center

The Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Day Care Center in Ramat Alon in Haifa is an architecturally remarkable center and has even won awards for it. The entrance hall is impressive and bright, with a high ceiling in the structure of a glass dome.  The day care has 3 spacious classrooms, a yard, a garden with fruit trees, it is well maintained and aesthetic. One of the day care’s biggest achievements is the natural multiculturalism at the center. Parents from all walks of life in Israeli society have chosen WIZO Ramat Alon for their children. From religious Arabs, to secularists, to olim hadashim, and this has created a great sense of comfort for everyone. The day care is part of the “maon ve od” program, “day care and more”, providing the children with a healthier diet including meat-based meals, and several educational classes.

The day care is located in an area between Neve Shaanan and Danya, on Mount Carmel, in the north. The neighborhood is home to families of moderate socioeconomic status, and is characterized by low buildings and spacious, green areas.  The day care families are diverse, young families, some live in the neighborhood, but most come from surrounding neighborhoods. They are mainly academics and students. The caregivers at the day care center have taken part in courses at Oranim College and also taken WIZO courses in training and enrichment.

As part of the ”day care and more” program, the day care has a nursery class run by a kindergarten teacher. They have several activities that they do in groups to enrich the children’s’ lives and encourage them to experiment and be creative. Since the beginning of the year, a multidisciplinary medical team consisting of 3 medical professionals has been working at the center for communication and development purposes. There are lectures for parents on topics that are relevant to preschool, such as potty training, how to set boundaries, etc. And the day care makes an effort to keep a close bond to the parents and their respective families through for instance family days. Lastly, there’s an antique corner at the center, with old accessories and objects, such as old technological appliances, mechanical tools, typewriters, sewing machines and so on. Which the children find very engaging.