Chorley Day Care Center

In the diverse city of Kfar Saba, the Kaplan Day Care Center accommodates a total of 70 children and their families. They have 3 regular classes that are operated by WIZO, and in addition they have 2 other classes for children with PDD (Pervasive Development Disorders) that are managed by ALUT – The Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism. This is a well-known day care with a good reputation, that has seen a lot of success taking in children with difficulties, those who may have a late development, and those that receive welfare support. They are also part of the ‘maon veod’ program, ‘day care and more’, which provides them with healthier more nutritious food, medical supervision, and enrichment programs.

Chorley day care center is located in the middle of luxury neighborhoods such as Givat Eshkol and Hadarim A, and poorer neighborhoods like Yoseftal and Kaplan. Hence, the families at the day care center come from very varied backgrounds. There are immigrant families from countries such as Ethiopia and Russia, young couples, welfare recipients coming from weaker neighborhoods, and professionals of high socioeconomic status, such as educators, doctors, lawyers, and engineers. The day care is therefore currently working on forming a mutual empowerment program for women after they have given birth, and a ‘parent-child quality time’ designed for everyone, but with an emphasis on helping the weak population. This is done in collaboration with professionals from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and mentors from various fields that work on a voluntary basis. The goal being to give parents the tools they need to have activities and quality time with their children after work hours, and to give the parents a space where they can voice their difficulties.

Recently the day care center underwent a rebranding, and it is now known as the ‘Theater Day Care Center’. In order to do so, the caregivers went through training to operate a ‘friend-doll’ used in the “Love Gigi” program. The use of the friend-doll provides the children with the educational tools needed to develop their coping mechanisms. Furthermore, the team has been given enrichment training on various topics, including early childhood, nutrition and health, and movement. The management keeps an open-door approach, they hold workshops, parties for the high holidays, a family day where grandparents come in to hold workshops for the parents and children, and much more.