Gina Fromer WIZO Shelter for Battered Women and their Children

The Gina Fromer Shelter for Battered Women in Jerusalem provides victims of domestic violence with the lifeline – the support, they could not find elsewhere – the basic essentials for picking up their lives and starting anew.

The beginning of the rest of their lives begins for these women when they enter the shelter, as they learn how to take control of their lives— they are taught how to develop self-control rather than just react to situations.  The women finally find that they have reached a safe haven and tranquility. Many are exhausted and have been fearfully unable to sleep for a long time.

Always there for women who need help, WIZO established two of the 14 women’s shelters in Israel, one in Ashdod and one in Jerusalem. Opened in 1994, The WIZO Gina Fromer Shelter for Battered Women in Jerusalem, offers a temporary home to women and their children who have suffered from violence, when they are in immediate danger and have no where else to go.  It is their last option. 

The largest women’s shelter in Israel, The Gina Fromer Shelter can house up to 13 families for a period of up to one year.  Women throughout Israel are referred to the shelter through the municipal departments for family welfare, the police, hospitals, centers for the prevention of domestic violence, or the emergency hotline operated by WIZO.  Women from Jerusalem and the surrounding area are referred to other shelters in the country in order to remove them from immediate danger.