Michal Modai Day Care Center (Rambam Medical Center)

The Michal Modai Day Care Center was established 4 years ago at Rambam Medical Center, to provide the staff at Rambam hospital with a day care at their work facilities. 70% of the occupancy rate is being held for hospital staff and the remaining 30% for residents of Bat Galim, but in practice, the ratio has not been maintained. The day care is situated in a small and old neighborhood. Despite this, housing costs are high due to the close proximity to the sea and the high demand for housing from medical students, medical tourists and staff working at the hospital. The center is part of the “maon ve od program”, “day care and more”, providing the children with a healthier diet that also include meat-based meals, and several different educational classes such as rhythm and music, movement classes, animal care classes, and more.

The residents of the neighborhood around the day care center are mainly older citizens, and families from Russia and other CIS countries, and very few young families. The children at the day care are primarily children of hospital staff, and children from Bat Galim and Kiryat Eliezer. There are also children who live in other neighborhoods in Haifa, whose parents work in the neighborhood. To assist the parents the day care opens already at 6:30 am. The occupancy rate is full and registration for next year is almost closed.

As mentioned, the day care takes part in the “day care and more” program, and this year they have included a development program for infants. In addition, in collaboration with the University of Haifa, a team of professionals from the multi-disciplinary clinical center at the University are also part of the day care. The day care is working together with an organization called “parents in the center” as part of the Boston-Haifa partnership. They have a community center in Bat Galim and a nearby “tipat halav” station.