Miriam Sacher WIZO Center

Branch Chairman – Sara Kovarsky, & Branch Manager – Dvorit Zahavi

WIZO Jerusalem is a large branch with four divisions across the city and three secondhand stores. The branch headquarters is at Mapu Street 1. There are approximately 150 volunteers and about 15 employees that work in the manager’s office and for maintenance.

This WIZO branch is a leader in its field in Jerusalem and is prominent in the areas of gender equality, advancement of women’s rights, topics related to children, youth and young people in the community, and senior citizens. The branch has three centers for older women. About 180 women come to these centers daily for their leisure and for cultural activities.

The branch management creates WIZO’s core programs and even initiates unique programs suitable for the large and complex population in Jerusalem. The branch has many programs for women, such as a course for directors, a program for women who develop social ventures, “We Continue on the Path”, preparation for retirement and pension, a forum for women who choose to stay single, a center for life coaching and more. In addition, there is a program called “Pearls” for children, “Young Strength”, young leadership, bar/bat mitzvahs for children at risk, “From Me To You” – support for mothers that have families at risk, “Connected” – a program for mothers and daughters, and more.

As part of the World WIZO visit, we would like to share some information about the programs and activities currently taking place in WIZO Jerusalem

  1. Introducing our new program for public order – A forum for gender equality in government offices and government enterprises. The program is supported by the U.S. Embassy and is being held in cooperation by WIZO and the Civil Service Commission. The program aims to maintain a unique professional development framework to address challenging issues of gender equality in public service.
  2. Introducing our volunteer lawyer who has been a volunteer for many years at the branch’s legal office. Attorney Shiri Oron will talk about the importance of volunteering.
  3. Seminar on “Emotional Violence in Relationships”. A seminar initiated by the branch, its organization and its leadership, together with the Professional Center of WIZO Jerusalem.

A brief encounter with young adult girls from “The Young Power” program. They will present a video that summarizes their work and tell about their experiences and how their participation in this empowerment program for girls has affected and influenced their lives.