Dafna Gold Melchior – Message Experts

For the past decade, Dafna has been utilizing her English-Hebrew bilingual skills to make information, content and messages accessible and customized to each target audience in a wide variety of public relations and spokesperson positions, in academic institutions, non-profits, and all components of the entrepreneurial eco-system including hubs, accelerators, and start-ups.

Dafna creates the sharpest messaging for each audience, after creating a deep connection with each professional partner. Dafna allows the audience to demonstrate their goals and messages with clarity and impact.

Dafna has extensive experience in producing all marketing/PR press releases, content for websites and social media, executive summaries and newsletters. In her positions, she has presented to senior international and local audiences, investors, donors and partners of all levels.

This workshop will guarantee a significant upgrade in your communication content, style, materials and strategy and ensure you have the skills to deliver your message with impact and passion.

Contact: 054-528-3683