The World WIZO Executive
thanks our leaders, members and donors from around the world,
who gathered in Israel
for the 26th World WIZO Enlarged General Meeting

The Seminar in Israel:

Each year, Aviv women from around the world come to Israel on the Aviv Seminar to deepen their connection to Israel and WIZO’s ideology. They think, share, learn and work together before returning to their home Federations to continue their work. Most importantly, they are exposed to the worldwide WIZO Aviv network and become part of our powerful international community which provides them with the platform to create meaningful WIZO relationships and draw inspiration and support from one another. The Aviv Seminar is the entry point to leadership roles in WIZO worldwide.

The seminar has several parts, combining practical training with networking and fun:

  • Interactive engagement with the WIZO projects- The Aviv participants experience the range of work WIZO does with visits to Youth Villages, Day Care Centres and Vocational Schools. These first hand interactive experiences are vital. Seeing really is believing with WIZO!
  • Networking with global Aviviot- spending 5 days together, lasting bonds are made that link the global sisterhood of Aviv.
  • Professional workshops- These provide the Aviv participants with leadership training, public diplomacy training and vital tools for effective event planning, fundraising and membership recruitment.

Read a South African Aviv’s experience of the WIZO Aviv Ambassadors Seminar 2017 here.


Stay up to date with our global community:

TOVA BEN DOV President, World WIZO

Soon, we will gather at the 26th World WIZO EGM, here in our beloved Israel. The 26th EGM has special significance for me as it marks 50 years of WIZO voluntarism and the end of my 4 year term as World WIZO President...

Prof. RIVKA LAZOVSKY Chairperson, World WIZO

We look forward to welcoming you to Israel, We look forward to welcoming you to WIZO, We look forward to welcoming you home. It is you, our WIZO chaverot from four corners of the globe, who are going to make the 26th WIZO EGM...


Registration & distribution of material
Carlton Hotel | Azure Hall | 2nd Floor


Orientation and icebreakers
Janine Gelley, Chairperson
Dalia Gantz, Deputy Chairperson
Beto Maya, Director, Organization and Tourism Division, World WIZO
Erica Saubermann, Aviv Representative to the World WIZO Executive


Know WIZO – WIZO 101
Janine Gelley, Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division, World WIZO
Erica Saubermann, Aviv Representative to the World WIZO Executive


Introducing “Caring for Our Future”
Janine Gelley, Chairperson
Beto Maya, Director, Organization and Tourism Division World WIZO


Coffee break


Workshop: Why WIZO? – Building WIZO Aviv Together
Danielle Natalie-Kind, Independent creator, dancer and teacher


Experimental Rhythmic Workshop




Opening Dinner
Lumina by Meir Adoni – Private room
Carlton Hotel 1st Floor




Fundraising Workshop

Anita Friedman, Chairperson

Annette Crandel, Deputy Director

Adi Dror, Coordinator/Grant Writer

Fundraising Division, World WIZO




Pitch it to Me – Articulating Your Message Impactfully

Dafna Gold Melchior, Message Experts

Summing up


Lunch at the First Station

- + In the footsteps of Rebecca Sieff Bus No.1 / Depart 08:15

WIZO Nir Haemek Youth Village

(Sponsored by WIZO Argentina & WIZO USA)

Visit and lunch

Kiryat Tivon

Tulip Winery – located in Kfar Tikva a pastoral village for adults with special needs is a boutique winery that combines the production of quality wine with social responsibility.

- + In the footsteps of Rachel Kagan Bus No.2 / Depart 8:00


Lily & Marcus Sieff WIZO Comprehensive Care Center

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

WIZO Nir Haemek Youth Village

(Sponsored by WIZO Argentina & WIZO USA)

Visit and lunch

Beth Lehem Haglilit

Derech Hatavlinim – Herb & spices farm – includes a tour of the farm and a special herb workshop teaching how to make homemade herbal blends and remedies.

- + In the footsteps of Hanna Maisel Shohat Bus No.3 / Depart 08:00


Henry & Grete Abrahams WIZO Day Care Center  (Hilllel Yaffe Medical Center)

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)


CHW & WIZOUK Community and Comprehensive School

(Sponsored by CHW & WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Lavido Cosmetics –  tour of the visitors’ center, learning about their rage of natural beauty products, includes a make your own lotion workshop

- + In the footsteps of Hanna Senesh Bus No.4 / Depart 08:45


Hadera WIZO Center

(Sponsored by WIZO Brazil)


CHW & WIZOUK Community and Comprehensive School

(Sponsored by CHW & WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Lavido Cosmetics –  tour of the visitors’ center, learning about their rage of natural beauty products, includes a make your own lotion workshop

- + In the footsteps of Michal Modai Bus No.5 / Depart 08:30


Michal Modai WIZO Day Care Center (Rambam Medical Center)

(Sponsored by WIZO Switzerland)

WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Boarding School and Residential Home

(Sponsored by WIZO Australia)

Visit and lunch


Atlit Detainee Camp Museum – tour a restored and reconstructed version of the historic camp including the barracks and the room for disinfecting new detainees. Tour includes an interactive multimedia exhibit.

- + In the footsteps of Henrietta Irwell Bus No.6 / Depart 09:15


Bruce & Ruth Rappaport WIZO Daycare Center

(Sponsored by WIZO Switzerland)

Posnansky Trust WIZO Center

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Bahan (Sharon region)

Utopia Orchid Park – visit this enchanting botanical-ecological park where a tropical rain forest grows with thousands of orchids from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of animals and even carnivorous plants.

- + In the footsteps of Raya Jaglom Bus No.6 / Depart 08:30

Tel Aviv

Ruth and Henry Gafni WIZO Daycare Center, Tel Aviv University campus

(Sponsored by WIZO Germany)


Beit Heuss

(Sponsored by WIZO Germany)

Even Yehuda

Canadian-Hadassah WIZO (CHW) Hadassim Children & Youth Village

(Sponsored by CHW)

Visit and lunch

Tel Aviv

Beit Hatfutsot: The Museum of the Jewish People – this unique institution chronicles the extraordinary 4,000-year-old story of the Jewish people — past, present and future.

- + In the footsteps of Hanna Levin Bus No.8 / Depart 08:45

Tel Aviv

Mathilde Nahmias Hassid WIZO Comprehensive Care Center

(Sponsored by WIZO France)

Ben-Gurion House

Rishon LeZion

WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village

(Sponsored by WIZO Switzerland & WIZO USA)

Visit and lunch

Tel Aviv:

The Center for Israeli Innovation by Taglit in partnership with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is a cutting-edge visitor’s center presenting the Israeli Start-Up Nation.

- + In the footsteps of Hadassah Samuel Bus No.9 / Depart 09:00

Kfar Saba

Chorley WIZO Daycare Care Center

(Sponsored by WIZO South Africa & WIZOUK)

Petach Tikva

WIZO Gan VaNof Youth Village

(Sponsored by WIZO Switzerland & WIZO Panama)

Visit and lunch


Drive by the Story Gardens – a unique landscape sculpture project initiated and established by the Municipality of Holon

The Israeli Children’s Museum – Dialogue in the Dark interactive exhibition

Provides visitors with an insight into the world of the blind allowing participants to experience activities in complete darkness.

- + In the footsteps of Dr. Maya Rosenberg Bus No.10 / Depart 09:00

Weizmann House – visit this architectural pearl, designed as the private home of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel and Dr. Vera Weizmann one of WIZO’s founding members. This structure was declared an  “Iconic House” an exclusive global network of architecturally significant 20th century homes and is the first building in Israel to achieve this special status.

- + In the footsteps of Edith Eder Bus No.11 / Depart 08:45


Soda Stream

The Israeli company’s multi-ethnic workforce provides a shining example of coexistence in the Middle East. The Visitor’s Center introduces audiences to the company’s extraordinary vision of cultivating an island of peace.


Makom Balev for young women in distress

(Sponsored by WIZO Australia)

Beit Sherman WIZO Center

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Adi Center for young girls at risk

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

- + In the footsteps of Dr. Vera Weizmann Bus No.12 / Depart 08:15

Gaza Envelope

Security Briefing/Army Base visit combined with a stop at the Black Arrow Memorial Lookout over Gaza

(subject to change)

Kibbutz Nir-Am

Lunch courtesy of “Saba Simcha”

- + In the footsteps of Dr. Helena Kagan Bus No.13 / Depart 08:15


Neve Nof WIZO Daycare Center

(Sponsored by WIZO Belgium Luxembourg)


Gina Fromer Shelter for Battered Women and their Children

(Sponsored by WIZO USA)


Rebecca Sieff Center for the Family – WIZO Secondary Vocational School

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Yad Sarah House

Learn more about the vital array of compassionate health and home care support services provided by Yad Sarah to people of all ages at their innovative and dynamic visitor center

Israel Museum – special guided tour on Women’s Empowerment and a visit to the galleries

- + In the footsteps of Rosa Ginossar Bus No. 14/ Depart 08:00

Shalva – an interactive tour of their National Center. Shalva is an organization dedicated to providing transformative care for individuals with disabilities, empowering their families and promoting social inclusion.

Herzl Museum – is a unique educational center that includes a spectacular audio-visual encounter with the Zionist Movement and its visionary founder.

Program is tentative and subject to change

General Information

The EGM is the Enlarged General Meeting of World WIZO that takes place once every four years in Israel and gathers hundreds of WIZO women from all over the world for a 5 day conference.

The 2020 EGM is going to take place at the Hilton Tel Aviv Independence Park, Tel 972-3-5202222.

The 2020 EGM will take place from January 19-23, 2020.

For registration/logistic questions, please contact Sarit at, for any other questions, you can contact the WIZO Headquarters at


No, registration will be online only via this link:

The registration fees for the EGM are as follows:

EGM delegate: US$750

Accompanying person: US$600

The registration fee for delegates includes the following:

Participation in the 2020 EGM, event materials, opening and closing ceremonies, some meals and touring day.
Registration fee for accompanying persons includes the following:

One and a half days of touring for accompanying persons only, one touring day with the EGM delegates, participation in the opening and closing ceremonies.

Upon registration, a $ 300 deposit will be charged, to be applied for any cancellation.

  • From Dec 6, 2019 until Dec 25, 2019 – 1 night’s stay and US $300 handling fee will be charged.
  • From Dec 26, 2019 – No refund will be given after this date.

The IGT registration desk at the Tel Aviv Hilton will be located in the lobby level next to the ballroom. Registration will open on Sunday, January 19. You will receive your tag and materials once all payments are approved. For a smooth registration process   we strongly suggest to settle the entire payment prior to arrival

Einat Wilf

Einat Wilf Back

Monday, January 18th, 2016
14:30-16:30 Session: Yes We Can - Women Making a Difference
TED Style Talks

Dr. Einat Wilf, a Senior Fellow with the Jewish People Policy Institute and the Baye Foundation Adjunct Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, was Chair of the Education, Sports and Culture Committee, Chair of the Knesset Sub-Committee for Israel and the Jewish People, and Member of the influential Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the 18th Knesset.

Previously, Dr. Wilf served as Foreign Policy Advisor to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres and prior to that she was a strategic consultant with McKinsey & Company. Born and raised in Israel, she served as an Intelligence Officer in the Israel Defense Forces.

Dr. Wilf holds a BA in Government and Fine Arts from Harvard University, an MBA from INSEAD in France, and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Wilf is the author of four books that explore key issues in Israeli society. Her first book, “My Israel, Our Generation”, is about Israel’s past and future from the perspective of the younger generation. Her second book, “Back to Basics: How to Save Israeli Education (at no additional cost)“, offers a detailed and feasible policy proposal for improving Israel’s education system. Her third book, “It’s NOT the Electoral System, Stupid”, demonstrates through comparative analysis why Israel’s electoral system is no worse than those of other democracies and therefore should not be changed. Her fourth and most recent book, “Winning the War of Words”, compiles her key essays on Israel and Zionism.

Daniel Benn

Daniel Benn Back

Monday, January 18th, 2016
Hilton Tel Aviv Ballroom
12:15-13:00 Panel: WIZO Women as Agents of Change

Director of the WIZO Gruss Community Center Afula

Daniel Benn (32) was born and raised on Moshav Devora near Afula. He served as an emissary in the USA prior to his enlistment into the IDF, where he served as an officer in an elite combat unit. After completing his military service Daniel was accepted into the Atidim Cadets for Public Service. This program aims to help improve the face of public service in Israel by integrating specifically trained, top-quality personnel in the public service sector. Daniel earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem parallel to completing a full course load at the School of Public Policy. After graduating from the Atidim program he worked at the Ministry of Internal Security and the Ministry of Culture and Sport as a Senior Coordinator, Project Manager and Advisor to the Director-General. He also joined an organization engaged in strengthening and developing the Negev and the Galilee as an administrator.

At present, Daniel is the Director of the Wizo Gruss Community Center in Afula. He and his wife Reut returned to the moshav where he was born, where they are raising their children Dar-Lee and Arad, and tending to their olive grove.

Adi Altschuler

Adi Altschuler Back

Monday, January 18th, 2016
11:30-12:15 Keynote Address: "Building Communities of Kindness"

Adi Altschuler serves today as the Israel manager of Google for Education. She is an educator, social entrepreneur and activist who has been at the forefront of two prominent initiatives in recent years – Krembo Wings, the first and only Israeli youth movement for special-needs children, which she set up at the age of 16, and Memories@Home, a project in which young people invite survivors into their homes on Holocaust Remembrance Day and hold discussions on the significance of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive.

Altschuler has won multiple awards, including the “Tamari Award” in 2005, in 2006 the “Bernstein Award” for Social Leadership; in 2008 she was announced “Israeli Woman of the Year” by LIONS; in 2013 she received the “Rappaport Award” for leading social change in the Israeli society; In 2014, Adi was elected by “TIME” Magazine as one of the six future world leaders, and in the same year she was chosen to speak at the UN on Social entrepreneurship as a vehicle for growth in developing countries.

Emi Palmor

Emi Palmor Back

Monday, January 18th, 2016
14:30-16:30 Session: Yes We Can - Women Making a Difference
TED Style Talks

Emi Palmor, Director General of the Ministry of Justice, born and raised in Jerusalem, mother to Nimrod, officer in the IDF, and Yuval, now volunteering for a year of community service prior to her military service.

Previously, Ms. Palmor served as the Director of the Department of Pardons in the Ministry of Justice. In that role, she was responsible for preparing the Minister of Justice’s recommendations for the president of Israel, regarding pardon requests, including relief from prison sentences, fines, disqualification penalties & removal of a criminal record. In addition, Ms. Palmor was a Member of the Negotiation Team for the Release of POW Gilad Shalit, and has been appointed to coordinate and carry out political gestures for prisoner release to the Palestinian Authority.

In the past, Ms. Palmor served as a prosecutor in the criminal section of the Office of the State Attorney. In that position, she appeared before the Supreme Court regarding various criminal proceedings.

Ms. Palmor sees the Ministry of Justice as “the foundation stone of the existence of the rule of law and as the protector of human rights in the State of Israel – a Jewish and democratic country”.