Welcome to the 2020 Centennial World WIZO EGM!

Hundreds of WIZO members from across the globe will converge on the Hilton Tel Aviv from 19-23 January 2020 for the 27th World WIZO EGM – Enlarged General Meeting to celebrate WIZO’s first 100 years and the launch of its next 100 years.
WIZO’s powerful network of volunteers are an integral part of its global community. No matter which country they come from, which language they speak, they stand united in their commitment to keeping the WIZO legacy strong and relevant, changing lives and building futures for those in need.
Together they are all part of something much greater than any individual can be on their own, and can all be proud of WIZO, an incredible hundred-year-old movement that has made such a significant contribution to the State of Israel and its people.
Let’s join together to make memories of a lifetime, honor WIZO’s glorious past, celebrate its present and inspire its future.

WIZO: Doing What Matters

Your presence matters!

The World WIZO convenes its 27th EGM in January 2020.

The World WIZO EGM, which is held every four years in Tel Aviv, is a gathering of WIZO chaverot from all over the world who come together for a four-day event that focuses on WIZO’s crucial work here in Israel and the beneficial impact of your support and partnership. This important assembly is an excellent opportunity to strengthen links between us all in the spirit of sisterhood for the greater good of the movement that matters so much to all of us – WIZO.

The theme: ‘WIZO: Doing What Matters’ reflects WIZO’s relevance to Israeli society with the well-being, education and empowerment of the citizens of Israel at its core and the relevance of international participation.

The year 2020 is also the year that WIZO will celebrate its centennial. One hundred years of WIZO is a very impressive milestone, and worthy of great shared pride. At the EGM, we will begin the festivities that surround such a momentous occasion and it is hoped that you will join us as we applaud WIZO’s 100 year-strong contribution to the people of the State of Israel, and look forward to continued success in strengthening and empowering Israel’s citizens through all their tomorrows.

Do join us. You make WIZO matter. Register here


Dear Chaverot, Bruchot Haba’ot, welcome to Israel!

I want to welcome each and every one of you, my dear WIZO Chaverot from all four corners of the world, to Israel. How wonderful it is to welcome you back home.

This year, we are holding a very special WIZO event–– the 27th EGM – Enlarged General Meeting, which also marks the beginning of our centennial celebrations.

One hundred years ago, four visionary women dreamed of creating a democratic, advanced and equal society in Eretz Israel – a safe haven for every Jewish person in the world.

Over the decades, it has been the role of hundreds of thousands of dedicated WIZO women, and their men, to create, develop, and shape the founders’ dreams and turn them into a flourishing reality. The end-result is this Empire of Good – the WIZO projects and institutions that are spread across Israel.

Each one of us is an active agent of change. Each one of us plays an important role in the realization of these dreams. Each one of us embodies the WIZO legacy, which we in turn share with those around us.

Chaverot, our Founding Mothers could have never dreamed of the beauty that now surrounds us: the dynamic and inspiring WIZO sisterhood that we share – one hundred years later. Together, we lead the most remarkable Zionist force, which has been forever changing the lives of the Jewish people in Israel and around the world.

At this once in a lifetime EGM, we will celebrate together 100 years of WIZO’s courageous, inspiring and life-saving work for the benefit of Israeli society. Chaverot, how lucky we are to be alive at this historic moment!

At this centennial EGM, we will be empowered, we will exchange ideas and experiences and mark our achievements – all in our beloved Eretz Israel. We will feel the power of our movement and our sisterhood. This is a rare event that none of us will ever forget. An event where we will feel and let the world see the strength and greatness of our WIZO movement!

David Ben Gurion once said: “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles”.

Chaverot, welcome to Israel, welcome to the land of the WIZO miracles – where our dreams are the reality and future of tens of thousands of Israelis every day.

I wish us all a meaningful, inspiring and unforgettable centennial EGM.

אלוקים יברך אתכם
May God bless you all
With warmest wishes,

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky
Chairperson, World WIZO


My WIZO family,

I am delighted to welcome you all to the 27th World WIZO EGM, here in our beloved country. What awaits you is a WIZO once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We will launch WIZO’s Centenary – its 100th anniversary celebrations – a significant and exciting milestone in our movement’s outstanding history, and attend the 27th EGM focusing on “WIZO: Doing What Matters”.

The passion, love, caring and lifelong commitment of WIZO members is visible throughout the Jewish homeland Whether you are a first, second or third generation WIZOite, the spirit of our Founding mother Rebecca Sieff flows in your veins, making you a full partner in whatever WIZO does and achieves; making WIZO the biggest Voluntary Women’s movement in the world.

For nearly a century, WIZO has been sharing in the establishment and building of Israel and its society, while preserving the Jewish education and culture in the Diaspora. When WIZO started its activities in Eretz Israel, there was little infrastructure, if any. Therefore, it is no wonder, that many of WIZO’s pioneering projects became the infrastructure of The National Social Services as we know them today.

WIZO maintains its relevance by adapting its core goals and concepts to the reality in which it operates. WIZO continues to share in Israel’s “sweet and sour” reality, always looking for new and innovative tools to improve the Israeli society.

Almost 100 and still going strong, thanks to every one of you, the society in Israel still needs a strong WIZO to turn dreams and vision into reality, and to create new opportunities for those without any.

I wish everyone an interesting, intensive, informative, inspiring and motivating week, revisiting the past, celebrating the present and looking to the future.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you this week, and sharing this amazing experience – our Centennial .

In appreciation,


Esther Mor
President, World WIZO




Registration for the EGM and Touring Day
will be open all day (IGT desk, Foyer level – Hilton Tel Aviv)


Visits to Federation projects (following prior coordination with the Leadership & Global Relations Division)

16:00 - 22:00

Special program for Aviv participants
afternoon workshop (at the Hilton Tel Aviv, Jaffa Hall, M Floor) followed by dinner and evening entertainment.


Assembly of the Meeting of Representatives (MOR)
(closed meeting by invitation only) at the Hilton Ballroom C


Continued registration for tours and the EGM


The Accompanying Persons Tour
Meeting point: Lobby Hilton, Tel Aviv

8:30 - 10:35

Opening session of 27th Enlarged General Meeting
Hilton Tel Aviv –  Grand Ballroom

Presentation of Delegations by Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson World WIZO

Greetings: Tova Ben-Dov, Honorary Life President World WIZO
Address: Esther Mor, President World WIZO
In Memoriam
Report: Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson World WIZO


WIZO Centennial Song

Mickey Blumenthal – music, lyrics and performance


Coffee Break


WIZO Israel – Doing What Matters
Ora Korazim, Chairperson WIZO Israel


When Zionism, Leadership and Jewish Values Meet
Major General (ret.) Elyezer Shkedi, Former Commander, Israeli ;Air Force  and Former President and CEO El Al Airlines


Isaac Herzog
, Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel.




Departure to Jerusalem


Visit to the Kotel


Mexico Independence Hall, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus Campus

Cocktail Reception and Dinner


WIZO@100 – an evening of celebration

sponsored by the Falic Family

An artistic program featuring legendary performer Yehoram Gaon and the inspirational Shalva Band

- + In the footsteps of Rebecca Sieff Bus No.1 / Depart 08:15

WIZO Nir Haemek Youth Village

(Sponsored by WIZO Argentina & WIZO USA)

Visit and lunch

Kiryat Tivon

Tulip Winery – located in Kfar Tikva a pastoral village for adults with special needs is a boutique winery that combines the production of quality wine with social responsibility.

- + In the footsteps of Rachel Kagan Bus No.2 / Depart 8:00


Lily & Marcus Sieff WIZO Comprehensive Care Center

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

WIZO Nir Haemek Youth Village

(Sponsored by WIZO Argentina & WIZO USA)

Visit and lunch

Beth Lehem Haglilit

Derech Hatavlinim – Herb & spices farm – includes a tour of the farm and a special herb workshop teaching how to make homemade herbal blends and remedies.

- + In the footsteps of Hanna Maisel Shohat Bus No.3 / Depart 08:00


Henry & Grete Abrahams WIZO Day Care Center  (Hilllel Yaffe Medical Center)

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)


CHW & WIZOUK Community and Comprehensive School

(Sponsored by CHW & WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Lavido Cosmetics –  tour of the visitors’ center, learning about their rage of natural beauty products, includes a make your own lotion workshop

- + In the footsteps of Hanna Senesh Bus No.4 / Depart 08:45


Hadera WIZO Center

(Sponsored by WIZO Brazil)


CHW & WIZOUK Community and Comprehensive School

(Sponsored by CHW & WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Lavido Cosmetics –  tour of the visitors’ center, learning about their rage of natural beauty products, includes a make your own lotion workshop

- + In the footsteps of Michal Modai Bus No.5 / Depart 08:30


Michal Modai WIZO Day Care Center (Rambam Medical Center)

(Sponsored by WIZO Switzerland)

WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Boarding School and Residential Home

(Sponsored by WIZO Australia)

Visit and lunch


Atlit Detainee Camp Museum – tour a restored and reconstructed version of the historic camp including the barracks and the room for disinfecting new detainees. Tour includes an interactive multimedia exhibit.

- + In the footsteps of Henrietta Irwell Bus No.6 / Depart 09:15


Bruce & Ruth Rappaport WIZO Daycare Center

(Sponsored by WIZO Switzerland)

Posnansky Trust WIZO Center

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Bahan (Sharon region)

Utopia Orchid Park – visit this enchanting botanical-ecological park where a tropical rain forest grows with thousands of orchids from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of animals and even carnivorous plants.

- + In the footsteps of Raya Jaglom Bus No.6 / Depart 08:30

Tel Aviv

Ruth and Henry Gafni WIZO Daycare Center, Tel Aviv University campus

(Sponsored by WIZO Germany)


Beit Heuss

(Sponsored by WIZO Germany)

Even Yehuda

Canadian-Hadassah WIZO (CHW) Hadassim Children & Youth Village

(Sponsored by CHW)

Visit and lunch

Tel Aviv

Beit Hatfutsot: The Museum of the Jewish People – this unique institution chronicles the extraordinary 4,000-year-old story of the Jewish people — past, present and future.

- + In the footsteps of Hanna Levin Bus No.8 / Depart 08:45

Tel Aviv

Mathilde Nahmias Hassid WIZO Comprehensive Care Center

(Sponsored by WIZO France)

Ben-Gurion House

Rishon LeZion

WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village

(Sponsored by WIZO Switzerland & WIZO USA)

Visit and lunch

Tel Aviv:

The Center for Israeli Innovation by Taglit in partnership with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is a cutting-edge visitor’s center presenting the Israeli Start-Up Nation.

- + In the footsteps of Hadassah Samuel Bus No.9 / Depart 09:00

Kfar Saba

Chorley WIZO Daycare Care Center

(Sponsored by WIZO South Africa & WIZOUK)

Petach Tikva

WIZO Gan VaNof Youth Village

(Sponsored by WIZO Switzerland & WIZO Panama)

Visit and lunch


Drive by the Story Gardens – a unique landscape sculpture project initiated and established by the Municipality of Holon

The Israeli Children’s Museum – Dialogue in the Dark interactive exhibition

Provides visitors with an insight into the world of the blind allowing participants to experience activities in complete darkness.

- + In the footsteps of Dr. Maya Rosenberg Bus No.10 / Depart 09:00

Weizmann House – visit this architectural pearl, designed as the private home of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel and Dr. Vera Weizmann one of WIZO’s founding members. This structure was declared an  “Iconic House” an exclusive global network of architecturally significant 20th century homes and is the first building in Israel to achieve this special status.

- + In the footsteps of Edith Eder Bus No.11 / Depart 08:45


Soda Stream

The Israeli company’s multi-ethnic workforce provides a shining example of coexistence in the Middle East. The Visitor’s Center introduces audiences to the company’s extraordinary vision of cultivating an island of peace.


Makom Balev for young women in distress

(Sponsored by WIZO Australia)

Beit Sherman WIZO Center

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Adi Center for young girls at risk

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

- + In the footsteps of Dr. Vera Weizmann Bus No.12 / Depart 08:15

Gaza Envelope

Security Briefing/Army Base visit combined with a stop at the Black Arrow Memorial Lookout over Gaza

(subject to change)

Kibbutz Nir-Am

Lunch courtesy of “Saba Simcha”

- + In the footsteps of Dr. Helena Kagan Bus No.13 / Depart 08:15


Neve Nof WIZO Daycare Center

(Sponsored by WIZO Belgium Luxembourg)


Gina Fromer Shelter for Battered Women and their Children

(Sponsored by WIZO USA)


Rebecca Sieff Center for the Family – WIZO Secondary Vocational School

(Sponsored by WIZOUK)

Visit and lunch

Yad Sarah House

Learn more about the vital array of compassionate health and home care support services provided by Yad Sarah to people of all ages at their innovative and dynamic visitor center

Israel Museum – special guided tour on Women’s Empowerment and a visit to the galleries

- + In the footsteps of Rosa Ginossar Bus No. 14/ Depart 08:00

Shalva – an interactive tour of their National Center. Shalva is an organization dedicated to providing transformative care for individuals with disabilities, empowering their families and promoting social inclusion.

Herzl Museum – is a unique educational center that includes a spectacular audio-visual encounter with the Zionist Movement and its visionary founder.


Elections (for delegates with voting rights only) will take place simultaneously with the morning program. Jaffa Hall M level


Accompanying Persons Tour 

Meeting point – Lobby Hilton, Tel Aviv


Hilton Tel Aviv Grand Ballroom

Giving BackWIZO Graduates Association


Dr. David Rosenblatt


Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson World WIZO

Brig. Gen. (ret.) David Suissa, Chairman of the WIZO Graduates Association

Brig. Gen (res.) Moshe Edri, Head of the Program “Adopt a Graduate”, WIZO Graduates Association.



Coffee Break


Awarding the Michal, Yitzhak and Harela Modai Scholarships


 World WIZO Marketing and Fundraising Divisions present:

 A Century of Doing What Matters – WIZO’s Past, Present and Future

 Fundraising for WIZO: A four-year summary

Video presentation by Anita Friedman, Chairperson of World WIZO Fundraising Division


Doing What Matters: 100 years in 3 minutes

Video presentation, World WIZO Marketing & PR Division

Documenting our history and heritage: Introducing the WIZO digital archive

Sponsored by Anita and Itschak Friedman

Video presentation, World WIZO Marketing & PR Division


WIZO in Sderot: Doing what matters for the people of southern Israel

  • Video presentation, World WIZO Fundraising Division
  • Remarks: Alon Davidi, Mayor of Sderot


Branding WIZO’s Centennial:

Transformational rebranding: Putting the sparkle back in SodaStream

A fireside chat with Daniel Birnbaum, Chairman of SodaStream, interviewed by Emily Frances, reporter i24 NEWS English


Branding what matters: WIZO’s look, feel and message at 100

Presented by Tricia Schwitzer, Chairperson, World WIZO Marketing & PR Division 

Doing what matters – WIZO Looks forward

Video presentation, World WIZO Marketing and PR Division




World WIZO Honorary Life Membership Presentation Ceremony



A communal musical singing experience


Coffee Break & WIZO Fair

Federation booths will be set up in the Hilton foyer, offering opportunities to network, share ideas and purchase WIZO merchandise


Evening – at your leisure


Hilton Tel Aviv – Grand  Ballroom

Using Behaviorial Economics to Make Us All BetterProf. Dan Ariely

Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, USA


Israeli Women Doing What Matters
TED Style talks hosted by Maya Elhalal,  Founder of ESH – Future Formats
Abigail TenenbaumCo-Founder of Virtuozo
Eden Ben Shitrit
Neve WIZO Graduate
Major “A”, Combat Navigator, Squadron 210, Israeli Air Force


Coffee Break



Sylvan Adams, Businessman, Philanthropist and Ambassador at large for the State of Israel


Panel: Dealing with the Challenges Facing Global Jewry and Possible Solutions


 Rolene MarksWorld WIZO Executive Member, Head of Public Diplomacy and Hasbara
Michael Dickson
Executive Director, StandWithUs Israel
Paul Hirschon, Former Israeli Ambassador to West Africa
Frank Melloul, Founder and CEO of the international news channel i24 NEWS.


Introducing the newly elected World WIZO Executive



Closed luncheon (by invitation only) for Meeting of Representatives (MOR) in Ballroom C


Leisure Time


Cocktail Reception (till 19:30) followed by dinner 


Celebration of a lifetime
An unforgettable evening featuring world renowned mentalist Lior Suchard and entertainer Einat Sarouf

The program is tentative and subject to change.

General Information

The EGM is the Enlarged General Meeting of World WIZO that takes place once every four years in Israel and gathers hundreds of WIZO women from all over the world for a 5 day conference.

The 2020 EGM is going to take place at the Hilton Tel Aviv Independence Park, Tel 972-3-5202222. https://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/israel/hilton-tel-aviv-TLVHITW/index.html

The 2020 EGM will take place from January 19-23, 2020.

For registration/logistic questions, please contact Sarit at sarit@igt.co.il, for any other questions, you can contact the WIZO Headquarters at lisam@wizo.org


No, registration will be online only via this link: https://bit.ly/38xnqVV

The registration fees for the EGM are as follows:

EGM delegate: US$750

Accompanying person: US$600

The registration fee for delegates includes the following:

Participation in the 2020 EGM, event materials, opening and closing ceremonies, some meals and touring day.
Registration fee for accompanying persons includes the following:

One and a half days of touring for accompanying persons only, one touring day with the EGM delegates, participation in the opening and closing ceremonies.

Upon registration, a $ 300 deposit will be charged, to be applied for any cancellation.

  • From Dec 6, 2019 until Dec 25, 2019 – 1 night’s stay and US $300 handling fee will be charged.
  • From Dec 26, 2019 – No refund will be given after this date.

The IGT registration desk at the Tel Aviv Hilton will be located in the lobby level next to the ballroom. Registration will open on Sunday, January 19. You will receive your tag and materials once all payments are approved. For a smooth registration process   we strongly suggest to settle the entire payment prior to arrival

Sylvan Adams

Sylvan Adams Back

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Since making Aliya in 2016, businessman and philanthropist Sylvan Adams has devoted himself to serving his adopted country, as his calling card reads: “Self-appointed Ambassador at large for the State of Israel”. He is the only Israeli member of the Giving Pledge, an organization begun by Warren Buffet together with Bill and Melinda Gates for billionaires committed, as signers of the “Pledge”, to giving away the majority of their wealth to philanthropic pursuits.

His philanthropic investments are focused on two themes:
1. Promotion of Israel both abroad and internally, through innovative, non-polemical means, such as sport and cultural activities.
2. Promotion of Jewish Identity in the diaspora, or as he likes to call it “ensuring Jewish grandchildren”.

His tagline, when asked what his next project will be, is “JUST. GETTING. STARTED.”

Prof. Dan Ariely

Prof. Dan Ariely Back

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Prof. Dan Ariely – is an Israeli-American James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University. Ariely is the founder of the research institution The Center for Advanced Hindsight, co-founder of the companies Kayma, BEworks, Timeful, Genie and Shapa., the Chief Behavioral Economist of Qapital and the Chief Behavioral Officer of Lemonade. Ariely’s TED talks have been viewed over 15 million times. Ariely is the author of the three New York Times best sellers Predictably Irrational, The Upside of Irrationality, and The Honest Truth about Dishonesty, as well as the books Dollars and Sense, Irrationally Yours – a collection of his popular The Wall Street Journal advice column “Ask Ariely”; and Payoff, a short TED book.Ariely appeared in several documentary films, including The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley and produced and participated in (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies. In 2018 Ariely was named one of the 50 most influential living psychologists in the world.

Daniel Birnbaum

Daniel Birnbaum Back

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Born in New York and raised in Sde Boker, Daniel Birenbaum began his professional career in marketing until he established Pilsbury Israel and served as its CEO. He then served as General Manager of Nike Israel for 5 years. In 2007 he was appointed CEO of SodaStream at the time it was acquired on the brink of bankruptcy for $6 million by a private equity firm.  Daniel grew the company to sales of more than $700 million, took it public on NASDAQ, and in December 2018 sold the company to PepsiCo for $3.2 billion.  Today he serves as Chairman of SodaStream.

Daniel is a leading advocate for coexistence and peace in the Middle East, pioneering the concept of ‘Peace Economy’. At SodaStream’s factory, over 2,000 Israeli and Palestinian employees work side by side on a daily basis. He has also become an advocate for the environment and a leading voice for social justice, being outspoken on discriminatory legislation including the “Surrogacy Law”, religious discrimination in Israel and the “Nation-State Bill 2018”.

Alon Davidi

Alon Davidi Back

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Alon Davidi has been the Mayor of Sderot since 2013. He has a Masters Degree in Public Policies from the Ben Gurion University in the Negev. He is married and the father of 7.

Michael Dickson

Michael Dickson Back

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Michael Dickson

is the Executive Director of StandWithUs in Israel, an international educational non-profit dedicated to supporting Israel and fighting Antisemitism around the world. He leads a dynamic team in Jerusalem for StandWithUs, an international non-profit and a respected provider of Israel educational material and programs. This role includes pioneering innovative Israel educational initiatives, running campaigns to counter discriminatory BDS boycotts of Israel, overseeing the organization’s significant social media presence and hosting delegations of politicians, diplomats, academics and other people of influence in Israel.

Michael has led diplomatic, academic and journalist missions to Israel and has advocated for Israel in different forums, including at the UN “Durban II” conference, in the Knesset, in Europe, the US, and in the Far East. Michael has helped pioneer the organization’s social media activity, which has a weekly peak reach on Facebook of over 105 million people. He has been instrumental in setting up “social media situation rooms” as far back as in 2009 during Operation Cast Lead. Michael has amassed a large following on social media and his personal output reaches millions of people each month.

Michael regularly addresses audiences and broadcasts on issues pertaining to Israel and public diplomacy. He is an accomplished writer, with many published articles, TV appearances and he is writing a book due to be published soon.

Michael made Aliyah from the UK in 2006, and lives in Israel with his wife and five children.

He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Communication of Bar Ilan University, is an Honorary member of Alpha Epsilon Pi, and was appointed to the Spectrum Forum of leading Executive Directors in Israel under the age of 40. In 2016, he was named as the 14th most influential Jew on Twitter and also one of the “30 Israelis Making a Difference” by Channel 10 TV. Michael was listed in the Top 30 of “The Aliyah 100 List” of British immigrants to Israel as one of the “flag bearers who shape the state of Israel and made a significant contribution”. In 2019, he was awarded the Bonei Zion Prize, recognizing the achievements of outstanding Anglo immigrants and their contribution to the State of Israel.

Moshe Edri

Moshe Edri Back

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Born in Upper Nazareth, Moshe Edri moved to WIZO Nir Ha’emek Youth Village when he was 13 and lived in the boarding school. His time there molded him into the person he is today, and years this period as the most significant of his life. In 1980 he enlisted into the IDF in the elite ‘Golani’ brigade. During his military service he was involved in a near fatal incident which resulted in him losing his left arm. In spite of his injury he returned to active duty the same year and transferred to the Israeli Air Force Special Operations, commanding Unit 669 (Israel’s National Search & Rescue Unit) and later on commanded all of the Air Force Special Operations at the Headquarters. In 2008 he was awarded the rank of Brigadier General, heading an Operations Directorate at IDF headquarters, before retiring from the IDF in 2011 after 31 years of distinguished service. A year later he was appointed to a senior position in the Prime Minister’s Office, and in 2015 he was appointed Assistant Minister of Defense for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) Defense Division by the then Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon.

Isaac Herzog

Isaac Herzog Back

Monday, January 20, 2020

Mr. Herzog is the Chairman of the Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel. Before entering his position, he served as Member of Knesset, Chairman of the Israeli Labor Party, and Knesset Opposition Leader.

In 2015, Mr. Herzog was a front-runner to win the election for Israel’s Prime Minister.
Over the past 15 years he has held several Ministerial posts: Minister of Housing and Construction; Minister of Tourism; Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Society and the Fight against Anti-Semitism; Minister of Welfare and Social Services, as well as Member of the Security Cabinet. He also served as Government Secretary and as the Government of Israel Coordinator for the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza in 2008-2009.

Before entering politics, Mr. Herzog was a senior partner at the law firm of Herzog, Fox & Ne’eman.

Maya Elhalal

Maya Elhalal Back

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Maya Elhalal – Founder of ESH – Future Formats, is a curator and host of international conferences on progress. In 2015 Maya was featured in Forbes list of 50 Influential Women in Israel, and in The Next Web global list of recommended women speakers on science and technology.Maya is the co-founder and former president of the Entrepreneurs Organization Israel (EO – a global network of 12,000 entrepreneurs in 50 countries), the co-founder of several internet ventures, she kickstarted the TEDx movement in Israel in 2010, organized and hosted 4 TEDx events in Tel Aviv and New York, hosted TED MED Live in Jerusalem, Latet Conference for Fighting Poverty and more.Maya is a member of the Progressive-Education school system in Israel – oriented on developing the skill-set of the future, and she raises her 3 young kids in the Montessori spirit.

Paul Hirschson

Paul Hirschson Back

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Paul Hirschson grew up in South Africa. He holds Bachelor’s (accounting & law) and Master’s (business) degrees. After immigrating to Israel, Paul served in the IDF then worked in the public sector, relocating to England for three years. On his return to Israel Paul entered Israel’s hi-tech sector, developing business relations in Arab countries and later in Europe, Africa, Malaysia and elsewhere. Paul spent ten years in Israel’s hi-tech sector. In 2004 Paul left the private sector and joined Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He worked for the Director General’s Bureau responsible for Israel’s relations with Arab countries in the Persian Gulf until relocating to the USA in 2008. In 2011 Paul completed his posting in the USA and returned home to Israel where he served as a spokesperson in the Foreign Ministry for 4 years. In 2015 Paul was appointed Israel’s Ambassador to Senegal and five additional countries in West Africa. He ran the Israeli embassy in Dakar until returning to Israel in 2018. Ambassador Hirschson is currently an Israeli diplomat based in Jerusalem, Israel. When not walking on the beach, Paul spends his time speaking on his cell phone and drinking coffee. Paul can be followed on twitter: @paulhirschson

Rolene Marks

Rolene Marks Back

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Rolene Marks – is freelance journalist, broadcaster and media professional who appears on international radio, television and has been published in numerous global publications. Marks is the owner of Rolene Marks Consulting, specialising in Media, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing as well as Media Training with both local and international clients as varied as public relations companies, security, strategic planning, hi-tech and commercial.
Rolene can be heard everyday on Chai FM, a Johannesburg based radio station and has been invited to speak to international audiences including in Brazil, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Israel and others.
In 2007 Rolene participated in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Young Jewish Diplomats Leadership course. Currently residing in Modiin, Israel, Rolene volunteers for WIZO and is a member of the World WIZO Executive holding the Public Diplomacy portfolio and previously represented the organisation on the World Zionist Congress.
Rolene is a co-founder of Lay of the Land (www.layoftheland.online) host of the Israel Brief on YouTube and co-founder of the South Africa-Israel Policy Forum.
Rolene Marks is available for interviews and lectures upon request. To book email: rolenemarks@yahoo.com

Frank Melloul

Frank Melloul Back

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Frank Melloul is the founder and CEO of i24News, an international news channel. i24News is a private international news channel, established in 2013 which broadcasts 24/7 to one billion households in three languages – English, French and Arabic, owned by the Altice Group.
Melloul`s career has been deeply rooted in France, where he is merging wide knowledge and experience from the public service as well as the private sector. From 2009 to 2012 Melloul served as Executive VP of Strategy, Development and Public Affairs of the holding company “Audiovisuel Exterieur”, a French governmental organization. In 2009 he was appointed Chief of Staff at the Cabinet of the French Secretary of State for the European Affairs, setting up the ministerial strategy roadmap. He was also the advisor for Public Diplomacy of the French Special Representative for AFPAK (Afghanistan – Pakistan). From 2007 to 2009 Melloul was appointed Strategy and International Development Director at France 24, the international news channel. From 2005 to 2007 Melloul was Advisor to the Prime Minister; Advisor for press and communications at the offices of the Interior Minister (2004 – 2005), and prior to that he had several noteworthy jobs for the French Foreign Ministry.

Elyezer Shkedi

Elyezer Shkedi Back

Monday, January 20, 2020

Elyezer Shkedy enlisted into the IDF in 1975. He was accepted into the IAF Flight Academy and graduated as a fighter pilot. Shkedy was a member of several units before he was assigned to Hatzerim Airbase. In the mid-1980s, Shkedy studied at Ben-Gurion University, receiving a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science. He continued his career in the IAF until the mid-1990s and received his M.A. in Systems management at the US Naval Postgraduate School in California.
Shekdy, now a retired general of the IDF, served as the 15th Commander of the Israeli Air Force from 2004 – 2008. After which he served as the CEO of El Al until 2014. In recent years, he has served as the chairman of the ‘Heroes for Life’ a non-governmental organization, and he has been leading and mentoring social, educational, valuable and groundbreaking startups on a volunteer basis.

David Suissa

David Suissa Back

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

During his illustrious career in the IDF, he served as Chief Artillery Officer and as Operations Officer and Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Command.
He holds an M.A. in Political Science from Haifa University and is a graduate of the IDF National Defense College.
He is married to Eti and a father of five.
Brigadier General David Suissa serves as the Head of Local and Regional Emergency Training for the Home Front Command.
He is the founder and CEO of Yuvalim Group – a construction project that’s a part of ‘Project for Residents’, and the founder and CEO of DS Strategic Consulting Ltd. – Director of consulting, education and training projects for the municipal and private sector.
He served as the CEO of the Afula Municipality, Office of Education and a member of council, as head of the Ministry of Construction and Housing of Israel, and as Director of the Armaz Group.
He also served as an undergraduate professor at the Yezreel Valley College, a member of the College’s Board of Trustees and as a member of the Executive Committee of the Galilee Institute for Jewish and Christian Research. He is a member of the Friends of the Valley Hospital Association.
Mr. Suissa is the chairman of the WIZO Alumni Association, this is a volunteer position and he takes an active role as a mentor in the “Adopt a Graduate” Program.

Abigail Tenembaum

Abigail Tenembaum Back

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Abigail Tenembaum is the co-founder of Virtuozo, where she works with top executives, entrepreneurs and leaders on enhancing their presence and impact as speakers and communicators. Over the past fifteen years, Abigail has worked closely with CEOs, leaders, scientist and teams from various countries. Together with her Virtuozo team, Abigail is the speaker coach for the international TED conferences. She has worked closely with dozens of TED speakers, most of whom were featured in the front page of TED.com.

Abigail has taught at top education institutions including IMD, the leading business school in Lausanne, Switzerland, The Zell Entrepreneurship Program at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel; The Global MBA at the IDC (Innovation and Leadership tracks); IDC Herzlia Executive Education; and Skolkovo: The Moscow School of Management.

Abigail has an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York and worked as a strategy consultant for Bain and Company. She also has a background in the performing arts and has written and directed for theatre and film in Israel, Argentina and the U.S.A.


Emily Frances

Emily Frances Back

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Emily Frances is an Emmy-winning reporter and Host from New York City’s WPIX TV. Seeking a spiritual and professional life change, Emily made Aaliyah 6 years ago with her husband and 2 small children.

Emily was the Host of “Trending” on i24 news English in Jaffa and broadcast in 20 million homes in the United States. Emily is now a Culture Correspondent where she is able to produce magazine reports about women as well as spiritual, biblical and historical topics. Emily is also the frequent host of “Holy Land Uncovered”, i24 news biblical and historic magazine show.

Emily spent years as a celebrity interviewer in New York and has brought the channel exclusive celebrity interviews such as Olivia Newton John and Fran Drescher as well as Nancy Spielberg.