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WIZO: Doing What Matters

Your presence matters!

The World WIZO convenes its 27th EGM in January 2020.

The World WIZO EGM, which is held every four years in Tel Aviv, is a gathering of WIZO chaverot from all over the world who come together for a four-day event that focuses on WIZO’s crucial work here in Israel and the beneficial impact of your support and partnership. This important assembly is an excellent opportunity to strengthen links between us all in the spirit of sisterhood for the greater good of the movement that matters so much to all of us – WIZO.

The theme: ‘WIZO: Doing What Matters’ reflects WIZO’s relevance to Israeli society with the well-being, education and empowerment of the citizens of Israel at its core and the relevance of international participation.

The year 2020 is also the year that WIZO will celebrate its centennial. One hundred years of WIZO is a very impressive milestone, and worthy of great shared pride. At the EGM, we will begin the festivities that surround such a momentous occasion and it is hoped that you will join us as we applaud WIZO’s 100 year-strong contribution to the people of the State of Israel, and look forward to continued success in strengthening and empowering Israel’s citizens through all their tomorrows.

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